Personal exhibition of young artist Fatima Khusenova ” The world inside the Music”

On June 15, 2019, the 2nd year student of the Faculty of Fine Arts of
the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod
Fotima Husenova opened her personal exhibition of at the Museum of oriental
miniature art named after Kamoliddin Behzod.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Mr. F.Abidjanova,
General Secretary of the Art Academy of Uzbekistan, S.Alieva, Vice-Rector for
Research and Innovation, congratulated the talented student F.Khusenova with
their positive comments, wish them endless success. At the same time, F.Khusenova
as an active student of the institute has been highly appreciated in science
and has been awarded diploma and flowers by the leadership of the Art Academy
of Uzbekistan of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Young artist F.Khusenova’s personal exhibition “Inside the
Music” acquainted with the beauty of the surrounding surroundings and
inspiring musical sensations in the world.

In this first solo exhibition, Fatima demonstrates that her paintings
can be colorful and harmonious with the tone of her tone and her musical tone.
Most of the works of the exposition are in harmony with world music
masterpieces. The harmony of music in the works of color reproduction sets a
specific direction for the young artist’s work. The “Sonata of the
Moon” by L. Beethoven, Franz Tchaikovsky’s “Swan’s Lake,” depicts
the peculiarities of the color in the works of Paul Marion’s “History of
Love”. Everyone who looks at his “Creation Wall” works as if he
is performing ballet dance under classical music tones. Each of F.Khusenova’s
work moves characters such as tranquility, lyricism in the heart.

More than 40 artworks are exhibited at the exhibition.

Press secretar of
NIFAD  O.Rahmanova

Photograph of X. Ergashev