The visit of Kodji Shibadzaki, Professor of Aichi University of the Arts, to the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod

On July 10, 2019, Kodji Shibadzaki, a Japanese professor of Aichi University of the Arts visited the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod. The purpose of this visit is to present a project to promote the study of the Uzbek science, culture and miniature art on the east and the west through the paper for the purpose of introducing the world community with ancient Uzbek paper, on the ongoing research on the history and production technology of ancient Uzbek paper, An exhibition dedicated to the collaborative scientific conference and miniature art, to be held in early March in Tashkent and Samarkand, to discuss the possibility of establishing the logos. During the meeting, in February of this year, during a visit by a delegation of the Aichi University of Arts, led by Kodji Shibadzaki, the sides exchanged views on how the research works were being implemented on the basis of the agreed program framework. At the same time, it has been agreed to publish a book based on the collection of illustrations on the history of the Oriental miniature art and the artist Kamolddin Behzod’s works. At the end of the meeting, the Vice Rector for Academic and Educational Affairs of the Institute, Khadjimetov Bekhzod Bakhodirovich, invited Kodji Shibadzaki to the studio and familiarized him with the process of using silk fibers in the production of Uzbek paper.

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The National Institute of
Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod
ADMISSION -2019-2020

The admission comission of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod has begun its work from June 15, 2019 to 2019-2020 academic year. In this academic year, the institute has the following specialties: “Museum Pedagogy”, “Professional Education” (“Arts and Culture”), “Art Studies” (by kinds), “Painting” (by types), “Design” (by types), Graphics, Museum “(museum management and cultural tourism),” Management “(” Museum “),” Sculpture “(by kinds),” Applied art “(by species) and” Museum Studies “(Museum objects examination, conservation and restoration), Management (art management and gallery work).
In the new academic year, 471 students are enrolled.
On the territory of the institute there are set indicators indicating paths to the admission commission, and banners with information on available directions are placed. Call Center’s advisory operator is connected to the Internet for 5 staff members, five computer sets for entry and exit providers.
In addition, the People’s Bank has organized a cash dispenser for convenience of payment. For the entrants and their parents, there are comfortable seating areas and comfortable facilities. Up to date, ***documents were included in the database of the State Testing Center, based on the applications of Uzbek and foreign applicants (State name).
Additional information on the admission process can be found at the Kamoliddin Behzod National Institute of Fine Arts and Design at:
MRDI named after Kamoliddin Behzod
Call center:
For foreign students: e-mail:
Official website of the MRDI:
Social Networking Sites Address: Kamoliddin Behzod, MRDI/ Facebook /
Phone: (998-71) 255-92-18,
(998-71) 255-18-33.
Address: 123 Mironshoh street, Mirabad district, 100015.

Responsible secretary of the admission committee: Kodirov K.
The press secretary of the Institute O.Rahmanova

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2019 йил 16 июль куни Камолиддин Беҳзод номидаги Миллий рассомлик ва дизайн институтига Жанубий Кореянинг Кимёнг университети профессори Жанг Ли Кёнг бошчилигидаги делегация ташриф буюрди. Делегация институт ректори Н.Сайфуллаев ҳамда институт раҳбарияти томонидан кутиб олинди.
Ушбу ташрифдан кўзланган мақсад, икки давлатнинг таълим муассасалари ўртасида ўрнатилган ҳамкорлик шартномаси асосида қилинаётган ишлар билан танишишдан иборат эди. Ҳар икки томоннинг танишувидан сўнг, мақсадга муфовиқ институтда Кимёнг университети билан тузилган ҳамкорлик шартномасига биноан, қўшма таълим дастури асосида таълим йўналишининг жорий этилганлиги юзасидан суҳбат бўлиб ўтди. Бундан ташқари бакалавр, магистратура, докторантурада ўқиш талаблари ҳақида маълумотлар берилди. Делегация аъзолари ва институт раҳбарияти аъзолари томонидан қизиқтирилган таълим жараёнидаги фаолиятга доир саволларга етарлича жавоб берилди. К.Беҳзод номидаги Миллий рассомлик ва дизайн институти ҳамда Кимёнг университети фаолиятини ўраганишга бағишланган ушбу учрашув сўнгида икки томоннинг эсталик совғалари топширилди.
Суҳбат якунида мазкур делегация институт фаолияти қай даражада олиб борилаётганлиги билан яқиндан танишиш учун факультетларга таклиф этилди. Институтнинг Тасвирий санъат факультети ва Амалий санъат факультети билан танишди. Факультетлар жойлашган қаватларда намуна сифатида илинган тасвирий ва амалий санъат йўналишларга хос бўлган асарлар ҳақида батафсил маълумот бериб ўтилди. Кимёнг университети делегацияси мазмунли ўтган дўстона учрашув сўнгида институт раҳбариятига ўз миннатдорчилигини билдирди.