Dean: Norchaev Ravshan Toshtemirovich


Reception days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays: 15.00 to 17.00.

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Deputy dean of the Educational process


Hayitov Akmal Kholboyevich


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Deputy dean for Working with youth


Sayidov Ozod Gaybullayevich


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The performance  of Design faculty In our republic it is necessary to prepare qualified specialists in the field of design. Therefore, in order to meet the needs in this field, the Design Department was established in 1999 at the Kamoliddin Behzod National Art and Design Institute, 5210900 – Department of Applied Art, was put on.      Since 2001 chair of Design of clothes has been separated from the design department.      In 2003, the Faculty of Design was established in the country due to the rapid growth of demand and the increase of students. At present, more than 435 students are studying in four directions. There are 1 professor of science, 3 candidates of sciences, 7 associate professors, 7 senior teachers and 14 teachers at the faculty.      Since  September 2, 2013, Norchaev Ravshan Toshtemirovich has been working as the dean of the faculty . To date, the faculty has about 450 students (undergraduate and graduate specialties).      Design: interior design,      Design: Artistic solutions of fabrics and clothes      Professional Education: Design Clothing and  Fabrics      Vocational Training: Design and design of interior designs are being trained.


The activities of the departments of  Design Three departments  are working at the faculty of design. They are : Department of “Design”, “Design of clothes” and “Pedagogics and vocational training” Head of Design Department : Mannopova Nilufar Ravshanovna      She has been the head of the department “Design”since  2015. The department trains specialists in the field of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree:    1. 511100-Professional Education (5150900) -Design (Interior Design)    2. 5150900 – Design (interior design)    Master’s Degree    1. 5A150901-Design (interior design)


Head of chair of clothes design department : Rashidov Asomiddin Zayniddinovich      Department of “Clothing Design” was founded in 2001 at the National Institute of Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod and its concept is based on a new methodological concept of designing design.      The scientific and technological process in light industry is largely due to the creative work of the designer, namely the creation of a new design of clothing, design and rationalizations, inventions and innovations in the industrial production.    The department trains specialists in the field of bachelor’s degree and master’s degree:    1. 5111000-Professional education 5150900-Design (Artistic solutions of fabrics        and clothes)    2.5150900-Design (clothes and fabrics)Master’s Degree    1. 5A150901-Design (clothes and fabrics) Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Vocational Education: Ashurov Nazar Rakhmatullayevich     The department of “Pedagogy and Vocational Education” was founded in 2007. Nowadays there are  a doctor of science, professors, 2 candidates of sciences, assistant professors, 3 senior teachers and 1 teacher in this department . The teaching staff of the department is teaching 8 different subjects to Bachelor and Master students.