The head of department:  Azatbay Amatovich Yusupov 

Reception days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 15.00-17.00

Phone number: +998(71) 255-16-08,   +998(90) 963-42-09 




Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts

Ummatova Charos Abdukhalikovna

Reception days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 15.00-17.00

Phone number: +998(71) 255-16-08 +998(93) 581-18-33



Deputy Dean for Work with Youth


Narzieva Yulduz Azamatovna

Reception days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 900-1200

Phone numbers: 7(1)-255-16-08, (97)-752-13-31




The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 23, 1997 “On the Establishment of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan” was issued on the basis of the Tashkent State Institute of Arts named after Mannon Uygur (nowadays Uzbek Art and Culture Institute) by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 11, and design institute was established.
The institute was named after the great painter KamoliddinBekhzod who founded the School of Oriental Miniature, and the Faculty of Fine Arts was founded as the base of the institute. At this faculty there are many prominent teachers who have laid the foundation for many of the most prominent Uzbekistan Fine Arts and have left many disciples after themselves; Academicians of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, People’s Artists of Uzbekistan, professors and many famous artists have taught the faculties the secrets of fine art.
Nowadays there are several academicians of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, People’s Artists of Uzbekistan, artists of Uzbekistan, honored culture workers of Uzbekistan, educators of Uzbekistan, professors and dotsent. At the faculty there are 9 academicians, 5 professors, 13 dotsent, 85 full-time professors and 403 students
There are 4 chairs in the faculty. There are “Easel painting”, “Monumental painting”, ” decorative painting of theater”, “Miniature and book graphics”. At these faculties there are eight undergraduate and six master’s degrees.
After graduating from the bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the institute, they carry out their activities in all the republic’s schools and the arts and crafts colleges, as well as in the fields of art, film studios, publishing houses, fine art galleries and museums.


The faculty of art consists of four chairs:
1.“Easel painting”,
2.”Monumental painting”,
3.” Decorative painting of theater”
4.”Miniature and book graphics”.
The following departments are included in these departments:
Educational directions: Color printing – 5150800
1. Easel painting – 5150800
2. “Easel painting with professional training” – 5111000
3. “Monumental painting” – 5150800
4. “Decorative painting of theater” – 5150800
5. “Film resolution” – 5150800
6. “Animation and Computer Multiplication” – 5150800
7. “Book graphics – 5151000
8. “Calligraphy and miniature” – 5151000
There is also a postgraduate course of the Faculty of Fine Arts, They are; 1. Master’s degree (Master’s degree) (5A150804) 2.The master’s degree (5A150201) 3.Master’s degree (5A150800) 4.The specialty of magistracy (5A150802) 5.Master Degree in Multimedia and Computerization Multiplication (5A150803) 6.Master’sdegreeincalligraphyandminiature (5A151002)