Mardatov Salim Kuchimovich


Position:                         Press secretary

Office hours:                  Monday Saturday 09.00-18.00

Phone:          (99) 800 18 64                  


The main functions and responsibilities of the Press Secretary:
Participate in the formation and implementation of information policy set by the management of the Institute;
Coverage of current aspects of the Committee’s activities in the media, the implementation of a unified state policy in this area;
Coverage of information and news related to the activities of the Committee on the official website of the Institute and social networks in the form of articles, news and analytical materials, organization of information resources on the website, ensuring their effective operation;
Analyze the state of public opinion about the institute and the attitude of local, national and foreign media and inform the management of the institute about them.
Collection and processing of information necessary for the effective solution of the tasks of the service in cooperation with other departments of the institute;
Preparation and dissemination of news (press releases, newsletters, comments, etc.) for the media;
Preparation and publication of printed materials on issues related to the activities of the Institute in national and foreign publications, the organization of television and radio broadcasting, the implementation of state policy in this area;
Organization of press conferences, briefings, interviews and other meetings of the management and staff of the Institute with representatives of the media;
Carrying out analytical work on the study of public opinion and the position of national and foreign media on issues related to the activities of the Institute. Preparation of reviews of current materials published for information to the management of the Institute;
Interact with national and foreign media and journalists to provide the most complete and objective coverage of the Institute’s activities;
Organize and modernize the information on the Committee’s website on the Internet.