Sangirov Botir Yusupovich

• Reception time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
• Phone: 71-255-98-39 (work) (99) 868-08-54 (mobile)
• E-MAIL :

  • The duties of the head of the scientific and scientific-pedagogical cadres training sector are as follows:
  • General management of all activities and staff of the sector;
  • Creating and implementing the sector’s business plans;
  • Coordinate the activities of the relevant units in the educational institution, depending on the purpose of the sector;
  • Ensure and monitor the execution of laws and regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees, Decrees, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Collegiate Decisions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, orders, letters of instructions, modemograms and telephones, as well as rector’s orders in the sector;
  • Providing students with the content of decrees and resolutions adopted by the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Organization of monitoring of information describing the condition and potential of scientific works in the Institute, directions of its development. Registration of research and development on each scientific case;
  • Organization of exhibitions and exhibitions of scientific and technical developments of institutes, chairs and deans.
  • Conducting scientific seminars, conferences and symposiums, and ensuring their implementation;
  • Determine the effectiveness of the research results for each department and each scientific work;
  • Creating the necessary economic, social and technical conditions for the full and effective use of scientific, technical and educational resources by academic staff;
  • Require research reports from departments and deans;
  • Participation in the meetings of the department and scientific councils of the faculty on the issues of scientific research.
  • Provide current and annual reports on the forms of research on the established deadlines to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Science and Technology Center and the City Statistics Department;
  • Reporting on scientific research divisions reports once a year at the Scientific Council of the Institute.
  • providing operative information and information to the management of the institute on the activity of the department.
  • Development of fundamental and applied scientific research programs and current plans jointly with the department and dean’s teams;
  • Organization of workshops for PhD, doctoral (DSc) and Independent Researchers Institute on PhD, PhD (PhD), PhD (PhD), PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, PhD, Selection of research jobs and writing PhD dissertations;
  • Ensure that the Scientific Council of the Institute affirms scientific themes and approvals of academic staff and graduate students;
  • Organizing presentation of each researcher-researcher on his topic;
  • Monitoring of the fulfillment of individual work plans for doctoral (PhD), doctoral (DSc) and independent researchers, checking written information on their work done monthly;
  • Serious involvement with all post-graduate students, especially graduate students, analyzing the causes of defaults, providing necessary care;
  • Monitoring of candidates’ applications on a program basis;
  • Regular contact with the CAC on publication of the candidate and doctoral dissertations topics in the CAC;
  • publishing papers on admission to doctorate (PhD), doctorate (DSc);
  • Working with relevant departments and faculties on training physicians and candidates;
  • Admission of documents to the PhD, PhD (PhD) Institute, organization of exams, selection and commissioning projects.

It should know: Knowledge of the laws of the department, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decrees of the Ministry, Decrees of the Ministry, Rector’s orders.