Happy birthday!

Today is the day of the birth of the head of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment of the National Institute of art and design named after Kamoliddin Behzod, Suleiman Yolidev.

Suleiman Yolandev was born in the Khorezm region in 1998. Kamoliddin graduated from the Behzod National Institute of painting and design. During his work, he carried out a fruitful activity in the tasks of the head of the Faculty of Art Studies and museum studies, the master of production education of the Department of theater decoration painting, the stylist of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment.

Dear Solomon Nizamiddinovich!

We congratulate you on your birthday today, wishing you success in the direction of work with the youth of the Institute and in your contribution to spiritual and educational reforms! We wish you strong health, peace of mind, great triumphs in your work activities!

Institute team