Head of Department: Rashidov Asomiddin Zayniddinovich 

Reception of citizen:       Monday 15.00-17.00; Wednesday 15.00-17.00 

Office number:  +99871-254-20-27

cell phone:  +99893-576-07-68




Department of “Fashion Design”

The Department of “Fashion Design” at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan National institute of arts and design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod has been created in 2001.

The teaching concept is based on new understanding of a technique of design of the project activities. Scientific and technical process in sphere of manufacture of clothes in a greater degree depends on successful introduction of inventions, efficiency proposals, working out of new models of clothes, that is that grows out of creative activity of the designer.

Use of national traditions and achievements of the Uzbek art in the balanced combination to experience of foreign designers gives the chance to solve actual for the present methodological problems, such as, development of the form of a suit in time and in space, qualitative and quantitative ways of its studying.

In view of the given concept the primary goals of chair are development of creative design thinking of students through mastering all of them the basic special disciplines, such, as history of costume, a composition of costume and color, create of design, materials science, sewing technology, designing garments, prototyping, a chromatics.

The purpose of our curriculum is:

  1. Research, design and production of new forms and types of clothing, textiles and accessories to suit.
  2. Acquiring basic drawing skills, necessary for realization of creative ideas and designs in sketches and further in the material.

Preparation of the future designers of clothes is carried out in a complex during all period of training, in the course of studying of all present stages of designing.

In the entire course of the training provided at the department “Design of clothes” develops figurative thinking, imagination at students, improves taste and creative abilities, gives professional skills and knowledge necessary for design activity in the course of art designing of a suit on manufacture, creations and developments of a national fashion and style.

 The students and graduates of chair actively participate in displays, competitions and a defile, spent in Uzbekistan and behind its limits, occupy prize-winning places, receive diplomas and awards.

Teaching staff of the department are professional designers and artists, creative people having a wide experience in creation of clothes.