Head of Department: Khojaniyozov Rashid Kushnazarovich

Reception days: Wednesday 15.00-17.00 Saturday 15.00-17.00

Telephone Number: (+99871) 254-64-99 (+99893) 614-36-06



Information about the department of Drawing.

In 1954, as part of the Institute of Theater and Art. S. Ostrovsky Department of Fine Arts was established. Leading artists and experienced teachers of the republic, including the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor RakhimzhanAkhmedov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Associate Professor V. Ruftin, Professor, Honored Head of the Department, Professor. M. Saidov, A. Oganesov and Associate Professor A. K. Golderey. Later associate professors V.M. Kovin, I.N. Limakov, Chairman of the Methodological Council, I.R. Rubin, senior teacher V. Nechaev, B. Shupak, senior teacher E. Gadetsky, I. I. Enin, teacher A. G. Wiesel. The head of the department was T. Oganesov. On January 23, 1997, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Academy of Fine  Arts and Design named after KamoliddinBehzod and the Academy of Arts were established. The department of Drawing is one of the leading faculties of applied art. Head of the department Drawing until 2010, associate professor S. Mirzaev, Senior Lecturer of the department F. Mannopov from 2010 to 2015, R. Khodzhaniozov, teacher of the department since 2015. Among the staff of the department: Professor H. Mamatova, Assistant Professors E. Korolkova, B Makhmudov, H. Kasimov, A. Mannopov, R. Mamasoliyev and art historian of Uzbekistan, professor O. Gozokov. – training students.

On the directions of undergraduate and graduate courses in subjects taught at the department of Drawing

“Plastic Anatomy” in the subjects taught at the Department of Drawing in the first year of undergraduate studies in all specialties of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Arts of the two main faculties of the Institute; Subjects “Drawing and Painting” in all areas of the Faculty of Design and Applied Arts; The master’s programs at the Faculty of Design and Applied Arts are taught the subjects “Artistic Decision on drawing and Painting”.