Dean of the Faculty : Qaytarov Hasan Shonazarovich

Reception days : Tuesday and Friday 14.00- 16.00  

 Tel : ( 71) 254 64 99, 90.375-82-78                        

 E-mail : shoshiy@mail.ru            

Position function :

  •  Faculty, educational , scientific , cultural and educational and scientific work directly ;
  •  The current directions of a bachelor degree and masters of the faculty of the development the necessary regulatory and legal documents ;
  •   Monitors the implementation of the decisions of the higher education institution and the Faculty Council ;
  •   The stock management of the faculty staff , and carries out o ‘ the unit ;
  • Will focus on the broader issues of professional ethics of the fair , selfless , patriotic , faith-based youth training ;
  • o training and educational process and students to exercise control over the work of the final qualifying and practice ;
  • o Training sessions will lead to establish a schedule of its execution control , are responsible for the attendance of students ;
  •   Students work independently , as well as their knowledge of the control system based on the evaluation of practicum;
  • students in grades o ‘ class , students will be removed from the ranks of state certification and protection of final qualifying work order on the appointment of scholarships , academic leave and prepare projects

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs: Azimov Farhod Erkinovich

Position: Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Applied Arts

Responsibilities: Supervision and formation of the educational process at the faculty

Reception days: Monday-Saturday 14: 00-17: 00

Phone number: (90) -3162277

Telegram: @ farhodazimov1986

E-mail: az.farhod1986@mail.ru

Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs

Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.00-12.00



Responsibilities: Organize students to work on themselves, help them participate in international grants and projects, and ensure their active participation.

Faculty of Applied Arts

In 1997, with the establishment of the National Institute of Art and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod, the Faculty of Applied Arts began its activities on its basis. Currently, this faculty is a basic faculty that trains highly qualified specialists in 3 areas of education (applied arts, sculpture, design) at the undergraduate level.

The faculty has 3 specialized departments (Advertising and practical graphics, Art ceramics and repair, Sculpture), which train highly qualified personnel. At present, these departments train 6 qualified specialists in Advertising and Applied Graphics, Computer Graphics and Artistic Photography, Art Ceramics, Architectural Monument Repair, Applied Art Repair, and Sculpture.


The faculty prepares qualified specialists in the following areas of the bachelor’s degree:

  •                         Vocational education: applied arts ( repair of works of applied art) 
  •                         Vocational education: repair of works of applied art 
  •                         Sculpture (monumental)
  •                         Sculpture (Small plastic)
  •                         Applied Arts: Artistic Ceramics
  •                         Applied Arts: Renovation of Architectural Monuments Decoration
  •                         Applied Arts: Repair of Applied Arts
  •                         Management (ART management and gallery work)


The faculty also has 3 specialties for the master’s degree:

  •                         5A151101 – Sculpture (monumental).
  •                         5A151202 – Repair of works of art and decoration of architectural monuments.
  •                         5A151203 – Artistic ceramics.