Head of the department: Yusupov Ulugbek Kadirovich

Reception days: Tuesday, Thursday – 9:00 – 14:00

Phone number: 95 143-44-45


Information about the sculptural department

          In the Republic of Uzbekistan, the modernization of the education sector, the training of highly qualified specialists, capable of meeting the modern requirements. In order to fulfill these long-term tasks at the permission of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the decision of the Scientific Council of the MRDI on May 30, 2003, the Department of “Sculpture” separated from the Department of “Magnificent Color” and has been functioning since then. Nowadays well recognized our professors and teachers have their activity in the republic and abroad:

  1. YusupovUlugbekKadirovich – Head of the Department
  2. JabbarovIlhom – academician of Uzbek Academy of Science, Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan.
  3. KuryazovUlugbekTuraevich – associate professor
  4. AzamatKamilovichKhatamov – associate professor
  5. ErmetovRustamShanametovich – Academician of the Academy of Turon Academy
  6. SaidovUktamboyRadjabboevich – senior teacher
  7. UsmanovUlugbekShavkatovich – teacher
  8. HakimovBotirBakhodirovich – teacher,
  9. AnnasarovJasvantBahromovich – teacher
  10. AmirqulovOzod – teacher
  11. Neredkov Vladimir Petrovich– teacher


Department of sculpture has bachelor’s and magistracy stages, where academicians, professors, associate professors and teachers of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan are teaching the methodical complexes using the experience of the developed countries.


At the bachelor’s degree, the following specialization subjects are taught

  1. Sculptural arts
  2. Artistic sculpture compositions


  1. Processing of marble on the site
  2. Art of metalworking
  3. Architectural advice
  4. Decimal sculpture

8.fine plastics

In the magistracy, the following specialization subjects are taught

  1. Plastic solution in scrape
  2. An artistic solution in the service area
  3. Artistic solution in the compilation
  4. Sculptural design and architectural advice