Head of Department: Mannopova Nilufar Rovshanovna

Reception of citizen: Monday 15.00-17.00; Wednesday 15.00-17.00; 

Office number: +99871-254-20-27

cell phone: +99893-579-96-74 



The following subjects are taught by the department:

  1. Interior design
  2. Material science
  3. Compositions and colors on the interior
  4. Exterior and interiors perspective
  5. Ergonomics on the interior
  6. Good wine
  7. Construction constructions
  8. Architectural design
  9. History of interiors
  10. Architecture and design graphics
  11. Designing the object of design in Autodesk software
  12. Artistic design
  13. Types of buildings
  14. Fundamentals of Design Methodology

15 Making

  1. Media design


The list of subjects taught in the Department of Design for Master’s degree students:


  1. Outstanding design
  2. The interior of residential and public buildings
  3. Theory and methodology of design
  4. Methods of teaching special disciplines

The base doctorates (PhD), carrying out the scientific researches:

G.A Sereeva – “Traditional urban planning principles in development of mahalla and guzar in modern times”

O.S.Kasimov – “Problems of formation of spatial compositional targets in town development”.

Department of “Design” was founded in 1997 at the Kamoliddin Bekhzod National Institute of Arts and Design, its concept is based on a new methodological concept of design of interiors design.

Nowadays the department has the following departments: “Design (interior design)” and “Vocational education. Design (interior design) “, and highly-qualified professors and teachers are trained undergraduate and graduate students on the basis of world standards and requirements. Among them: doctor of technical sciences, professor AHKhodjaev, candidate of architecture, docent Y.Mansurov, M.T.Maxmudova, docent M.I.Rozigberdiyev, docent O.S.Kasimov, docent A.L.Tabibov, docent,

Senior lecturer O.F.Fattokov, senior lecturer Gereira Sereeva, senior lecturer M.I.Isokova, senior lecturer B.A.Abdukarimov,

 The teacher of the chair is D.Saipova, N.R.Mannopova, teacher O.M.Akhmedjonov, teacher M.F.Sultonova, teacher Kamalova F.M. is currently working at the Department of Design (interior design).

In the direction of “Design” faculty of “Design” in the direction of Bachelor of Education

5150900 – Design (Interior Design) and Specialty

5A150901 – Design (interiors of art) in the field of vocational education

 (5150900-Design (interior design)) and Master’s degree
The main purpose of the disciplines studied in these areas is to cover the internal structure of buildings in architecture and construction, ie the development of interior designs based on modern requirements and the use of new technologies and products. Students will be able to use the most demanding knowledge in the process of preparing students for the specialty design methodology, its system, project norms and understanding of the nature of the project implementation processes. In addition, the students will be able to create the space composition of complex interiors, It is also the primary goal of organizing the environment, teaching non-traditional thinking in creating images, and utilizing technical tools in designing. One of the main features of the route is to create the skills of directing the learning process with modern design and production experiences.

Annually 5150900 Design (Interior Design)

  and more than 100 students are studying at Vocational Education (Design 5150900-Design (Interior Design)). The number of students interested in this specialty is increasing every year.

At present, young talented students participate in the annual “Art Festival” and various exhibitions with their creative work.