Head of the Department of Museology: NishanovaKamolaSalidzhanovna

Reception: Tuesday: 15.00-17.00 Thursday: 15.00-17.00

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Museology as a direction began its activities in 1997, and since 2001 began work as a department. To date, the department has 3 doctors of sciences, 3 candidates of sciences, 5 senior teachers, as well as 5 teachers conduct teaching activities. Proceeding from the many years of experience, today, on the basis of requirements in the direction of museology, there are departments of easel painting, the Department of Applied Graphics, the Department of Clothing Design, the miniature graphics and books, the Department of Preservation and Restoration.

To date, 2 doctors of science, 3 candidates of science, 5 senior teachers and 2 teachers teach at the department. In order to share experience and advanced training, they visited the following cities, states, museums, etc. So professor of the department, Ph.D. Z. Rakhimova and D.A. Professor M. Yusupova in 2015 was in Turkey, the city of Topkapi, in the military museum, mosaic museum, in 2016 in the museum of America called Guggenheim, in the museum MOMA, in the state of Washington, in the Institute of Simpsonia as well as in Jordan. The museums of the State of Israel, in 2015, the professor of the department J. Ismailova visited the National Ethnographic Museum of China, in 2016 the National Museum of Japan, the Assistant Professor of the Department M. Mukhamedova in 2017 visited the Tretyakov Gallery, the Moscow Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Man and Nature. Associate Professor K.Nishanova visited in the city of St. Petersburg at the State Institute of Culture.

Professor professors published about 20 scientific publications.

At present, there are partners such as the University of Kymen Korea, the Institute in St. Petersburg, UNESCO Vakolathonasi, the association of museums of Uzbekistan, and the major museums of Uzbekistan.

In 2018-2019, programs for the preservation and restoration of works of art, as well as to prevent counterfeit works, were developed; modern technologies for the restoration, examination and evaluation of works of art produced abroad were developed.

Noting the educational and educational significance of museums, it is necessary to bring educational institutions closer to museums.

For the development of tourism in Uzbekistan they prepare qualified personnel to increase the tourist potential of cities and towns, promote historical monuments, places of worship, protected natural areas, attract foreign and local tourists, increase the level of tourist services and excursions, cultural and historical programs, with the ability to manage areas of art and tourism.

Open directions such as

5151900 – Museology (Examination, Conservation and Restoration of Museum Objects)

5151900 – Museology (Museum Management and Cultural Tourism)

5112500- Museum pedagogy

Specialists who graduated from these areas can work as junior researchers in museums of various specialties in the republic, as well as in the museum headquarters in the department of artistic expertise, in the UNESCO office in Uzbekistan and in cultural centers of volunteers.

5А150204 – Museums, protection, restoration and conservation of historical and cultural objects, state educational standards of magistracy specialties were restructured and improved by museum exhibits for 2014-2017

After receiving a master’s degree, graduate students can continue their research work as universities and research workers and independent researchers in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ITU.