The head of department: E.Kh.Khaitov


Office hours:Monday 15:00-17:00, Wednesday 15:00-17:00

Phone number: + ( 90) 189-84-73



Subjects taught by the department

Bachelor’s degree:




      -Work in the material

-Material science and the technology of painting

      -Anatomical chemotherapy in living organisms

Masters’ degree:

-An artistic solution on easel painting

      -Artistic solution on easel drawing

      -Artistic works in composition

The history of the creation of the Department of Painting is inextricably linked with the history of the Faculty of Arts, formed in 1954 at the Institute of Theater Arts. Higher art education has become an important factor in the development of the fine arts in our country and for many years has responsibly fulfilled the task of training specialists not only for our country, but also for the republics of Central Asia.

Initially, there was one department, represented by groups of easel and theatrical – decorative painting.

In subsequent years, reflecting the urgent needs of the republic for artistic personnel with higher education, the faculty was replenished with departments of graphic art with profiles of easel and book graphics, political posters, monumental and decorative art specializing in monumental painting and sculpture, ceramics, industrial graphics, interior design and restoration of architectural monuments, history and theory of fine arts.

The painting department served as the nucleus for the formation of all departments. The first reception was carried out in 1954 and the privileges were U. Tansykbaev, O.K. Tatevosyan and then still a young specialist, a graduate of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I.E. Repina R.A. Akhmedov. Initially, 22 students were admitted to the first year, and in 1960 the first graduation took place. Among the first teachers were the head of the department O.K. Tatevosyan, R.A. Akhmedov and V.A. Ryftin.

In 1955, artists such as T.A. Oganesov, Yu.I. Elizarov and M. Shirovsky (anatomy).

In 1956 B.I. Urmanchi, V.S. Podgursky and A.A. Gadetsky. The department was headed by Associate Professor Dudnik.

In 1957 A.A. Krivonos.

In 1958, graduates of the Institute named after V.I. I.E. Repina N.M. Kuzybaev and V.P. Zelikov.

In 1959 V.I. Ufimtsev, P.P. Chelyshev, T.A. Reshetnikova, I. Ya. Veldenberg and M.A. Saidov.

In 1960, V.M. Kovinin after graduating from the Kharkov State Art Institute.

All these teachers were or later became prominent artists of the republic.

In 1961 the department begins its independent activity. Associate Professor R.A. Akhmedov. In subsequent years, the department was headed by M.A. Saidov and N.M. Kuzybaev.

At the department in different years worked: A.A. Godetsky, V.A. Ryftin, Ch.G. Akhmarov, A.A. Goldrey, P.A. P.P. Yurofsky Matsekha, K. Salakhitdinov, T.A. Reshetnikova, B. Shupak, V.P. Sosedov, V.I. Zhmakin, A.G. Wiesel, A.P. Perov, V.M. Nechaev, G.V. Moiseev, V.L. Zhdanov.

Here graduates of the department N.S. Pak, I.N. Limakov, B.M. Babaev, I.B. Bakhromov, Yu.I. Zorkin.

The department was joined by new graduates of the Institute. I.E. Repin: In 1976 S.A. Abdullaev, M.N. Nuriddinov. 1977 G.A. Artykov, 1979 S.G. Rakhmetov. Among the graduates of our institute in 1977, artists such as R.Z. Rizomukhamedov, and later they were joined by M.E. Tashmurodov, J. Rakhmanov. R.A. Akhmedov took A.T. Ikromjonov.

From 1991 to 1996, the head of the department was G.A. Artykov. Then the department was headed by S.A. Abdullaev. M. Nuriddinov headed the department for a year, then for several years B.M. Babaev headed the department, then again became S.A. Abdullaev, then I. Yusupov became the head of the department for two years and handed him over to M. Irgashev.

In 2012, M. Irgashev transferred the post of head of the painting department to E. Khaitov, who graduated from the A. Galli Italian Academy of Fine Arts in Italy in 2002 and worked as a teacher at the M. K. Bekhzoda. From November 6, 2019 to September 24, 2020 K. Azhimetov was the head of the department of easel painting. At present, the head of the department is E. Khaitov.

Department of easel painting.

The aim of teaching easel painting was to provide teachers of painting and drawing for art institutions of the country and this institute. 22 students were selected for the newly opened painting department. At the same time, a department was created and its first head was approved by Professor O.K. Tatevosyan.

This tradition continues to this day, because the highlight of this department is associated with the organization of personal workshops under the guidance of famous artists. Currently, the department employs 27 famous artists and teachers. Among them, the chairman of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, laureate of the State Prize, academician of the Academy of Arts Professor A.V. Nuridinov (Akmal Nur), People’s Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Professor S.A. Abdullaev, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Professor Zh.Yu. Umarbekov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Professor Mirzaev A.T. People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, Professor A.T. Ikromzhanov People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, p

Professor S.G. Rakhmetov, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor M.N. Nuritdinov, honored teacher of youth of Uzbekistan, art worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor M.E. Tashmurodov, Honored Teacher of Youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor G.A. Artykov, awarded the Order of Labor, academician of the Turan Academy, art worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor Z. Fakhrutdinov, academician of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, awarded the Order of Friendship, professor F. Akhmadaliev, they teach students the secrets of the fine arts.

Students who graduate from the easel painting workshops and the easel painting vocational training are expected to become professional artists, as well as educators and teachers in the visual arts in the future.

By directions and specialties of education from a bachelor’s degree in the Department of Easel Painting


Painting (easel) bachelor’s degree
Professional education; painting (easel) bachelor’s degree
Specialized training; (515080 – painting (easel) bachelor’s degree)

Master’s Degree

Painting (easel)
Painting. Contemporary National Painting, Master’s Degree

Academic subjects

Bachelors degree

Color science and the basics of composition
Painting teaching methods
Materials science, technique and technology of painting
Material work
Anatomical drawing with living human body

Master’s degree

Artistic solution in the drawing
Artistic solution in painting
A work of art by composition
Artistic solution in the drawing of modern national painting
An artistic solution in contemporary national painting.
Composition of works of contemporary national art

I.F.O. and the academic degree of teachers of the Department of Easel Painting:

Number of teacher-professors in the general headquarters 17

Out of which:

Professors of the Higher Attestation Commission – 8 people

Associate professors of the Higher Attestation Commission – 3 people

Associate professors of the institute – 4 people

Senior teacher – 2 people

Teacher – 7 people

The scientific potential of the department is 47.8%.

Khaitov Eshmamat Kakberdievich – Head of the Department
Abdullaev Sadulla Asadullaevich – Professor
Tursunnazarov Yigitali Tursunnazarovich – Professor
Mirzaev Alisher Tulaganovich – Professor
Ikromjonov Akmal Turaevich – Professor
Rakhmetov Sabir Gafurovich – Professor
Artykov Gayrat Azizovich – Professor
Tashmurodov Muhammadier Ergashevich – Professor
Nuriddinov Muhammad Nuriddinovich – Professor
Akhmadaliev Faizullo XXX – Professor
Fakhritdinov Zainiddin Ramzidinovich – Professor
Azhimetov Kudratulla Asatullaevich – Senior lecturer
Azizov Dilshod Nuriddinovich – Associate Professor
Khamraeva Umida Madrimovna – Senior Lecturer
Usmanov Anvar Mustafakulovich – Senior Lecturer
Sagatov Abdumajid Abdumavlonovich – Associate Professor
Sabirbayev Saidbek – Teacher
Rakhmetov Timur Sabirovich – Teacher
Nasirdinov Avazbek XXX – Teacher
Abdullaev Zhakhongir Umidillayevich – Lecturer
Khazratkulov Kamoliddin Nadzhmiddinovich – Teacher
Nomozov Bekmurod Shomurod Uli – Teacher
Vohobjonov Bobir Ahmadjon Uli – Teacher


Nuriddinov Akmal Vakhobzhonovich – professor
Ravshan Fatkhullaev Sadullaevich – S.F.D. Professor