Art exhibition on “Sufism and Vision”

National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod, and the Museum of Oriental miniature art named after Kamoliddin Behzod on May 15 this year hosted an exhibition of creative works reflecting ideas of modern art in “Sufism and Vision”.

The seven sacred accounts (seven piers, seven steps, seven planets, seventh heaven, seven colors, seven days) of Sufism and their views are reflected in the works of the exhibition.

Organizers of the exhibition are art critics I.Abdurahmanov, A.Rakhmatullaeva, Z. Askarova.

More than 50 artworks have been exhibited at this exhibition. The works of Akmal Nur, “Momentum”, “My life”, “The Dreams of the Dervishes”, “The pursuit of excellence”, Fayzulla Ahmadaliev’s “Hizr”, “Jahongashtalar”, “Oriental philosopher”, “Bahovuddin Nakshbandi”, Xurshid Ziyakhanov’s “The flowers in the evening”, “Laylat ul – qadr”, “Waiting”, Bekhzod Khadjimetov’s “The Sheikh San’on Triathlon”, “The Devil and the Angel” of Azat Yusupov, “Good news” of Dilshod Azizov, “Namaz”, “The Dancing Dervishes “, Uktam Saidov’s ” Obedience “,” Past Days”, “The Ladder “, works by Botir Khakimov “Freedom”, Nozima Kayumiy’s “Flange “, ” Madrasah Construction “, ” Boburnoma “, ” Izhor “, ” Fight of Colors”, Charos Payzieva’s “Platon”, works by Feruza Erkabayeva, “Nodirabegim”, Sardor Mahkamov’s “Life”, Sherzod Soliev’s “The dream” and “Anor” statues.

The majority of works on the exhibit are in Sufism, sheikhs, saints, pyru-murshids, dervishes, galants, zhokids, aliens’ images in miniatures of Herat, Samarkand and Bukhara. In a series of miniatures, the Sufi and Sheikh images are described in clear, broad, and simple pots in brown, dark green, blue or light blue. But there are different approaches to the subject of Sufism in various miniature schools. This is evident in their image styles, colors and artistic solutions. Today, in contemporary painting, sculpture and miniature art, there are a lot of different approaches to the theme.