Head of the department: Namozov Bakhrom Khudoyshukurovich

Reception hours: Tuesday: 15.00-17.00. Thursday: 15.00-17.00

Phone: +998 97 477 15 82


Information about the Department of Applied Graphics

Department of Applied Graphics ”Department 1997 National Institute of Art and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod
It has been operating since its separation from the Tashkent Institute of Theater and Art. The department currently trains qualified specialists in the following areas of education.

Undergraduate majors:
Advertising and practical graphics
Computer graphics and art photography
Master’s specialties:
Advertising and practical graphics
Computer graphics and artistic speed

In the field of advertising and applied graphics:
Namozov Bahram Khudoyshukurovich Head of the Department
Mustaev Agzam Ravilovich Senior teacher
Matmuratov Qurambay Masharipovich Associate Professor
Kabilov Fayzullo Alimovich Senior teacher
Sharipov Narimon Djuraevich Senior teacher

Computer graphics and art photography:
Ayupov Bahodir Rixsiboevich Teacher
Giyasov Shuhrat Anvarovich Teacher
Kadyrov Behzod Bahodirovich Teacher
Pirmatov Serik Sapaevich Associate Professor
Ergasheva Muborak Kozakbaevna Teacher
Jumaev Jasur Alimboevich Senior teacher

Specialties taught in the bachelor’s degree program:

In the field of advertising and applied graphics:

Color and composition
Materials Science
Packaging ART
Design in advertising and applied graphics
Working with graphics
Advertising in modern media
Photo editing on a computer
Good luck
Production of printing products
Artistic editing
Computer graphics and art photography:
Phototechnics and technology
Artistic photography skills
Artistic photo composition
Fundamentals of color and composition
Camera and optics
Designing an art photo on a computer
Ways to create artistic photos creatively
Digital photo
Master’s Applied Graphics
The role of semiotics in graphic design
Advertising design
Advertising as a communication
Design theory and methodology
Good luck
Fundamentals of modern multimedia
Master’s degree in computer graphics and art photography
Modern photojournalism is digital photography
Visual expression in photography
Digital photography in modern photojournalism

Professor of the department – teachers and academic degree:
There are 11 professors in the main state.
Of which: Institute Associate Professor 2
Senior teacher 4
Teacher 5