Head of the department: Kholdarova Fariza Tuhtabaevna

Reception hours: Monday: 15.00-17.00 Wednesday: 15.00-17.00

Phone: (+ 99894) 671-30-09


The Department of Uzbek and foreign Languages  was founded in August 2020 at the Faculty of Art History at the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after KamoliddinBekhzod. The department includes 1 professor – doctor of philological sciences, 1 associate professor – PhD, as well as 3 senior teachers and 4 highly qualified teachers. The purpose of the department is to develop the creative and spiritual potential of students, to develop oral and written skills in learning languages, to instill a love to literature.

The department conducts the following disciplines at the undergraduate and master’s degree:

  • Foreign Language (English)
  • Uzbek language
  • Russian language
  • History of world and Uzbek literature
  • Oratory
  • Culture of speech. 

In recent years, the department’s professors have prepared and published the following teaching materials: “Russkiyyazyk (Russian language)”, “Uzbek Art Painters”, “English for art and design students II”, “English for art and design students III”, “Xorijiytil (foreign language)”.The manuals are adapted to students who are trained in art and design, based on the specialization of our institute (ESP). In addition, there is an electronic manual of the Uzbek language was prepared and registered with state number. Currently, there are Russian, English and Korean clubs in the department: “IzuchaemRusskiyyazyk (We are learning the Russian language)”, “Let’s learn English”, “Koreystiliniurganamiz (We are learning the Korean language)”.