Participation of the institute in international projects

Today, deep reforms are being carried out in the higher education system to boost science and make our country one of the most developed countries in the world.
In particular, the participation of higher education institutions in international grant projects is also vital for the further development of the system.
Currently, the National Institute of Fine arts and design, named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod, is taking place in several international grant projects. One of which is the MUSAE (Multidisciplinary Skills for Artists’ Entrepreneurship) project the European Commission’s Erasmus + program KA2.
The essential goal of this project is to boom entrepreneurial skills in creative students and develop their competencies to operate in creative industries successfully.
The project aims to develop the application of management principles in artistic creation, raise new training modules on entrepreneurship in the arts, establish cultural entrepreneurship in higher education institutions specializing in art education and strengthen cooperation with the national business community.
In December 2021, as part of the project, laboratory equipment was purchased at the expense of a grant to establish a business incubator at the institute. Duoprinter, laser engraving equipment, colour printer, computer are among them.
Of course, the availability of this equipment at the institute will be critical for future students to combine theoretical knowledge with practice, and in the future, to become mature professionals in their field, as well.