Elected Chairperson of the Women’s Council

Nowadays, in our country, all the opportunities are created further to strengthen the role and importance of women in society, educate them, and work effectively. Especially in higher education institutions, women’s advisory councils play an important role in working with students, getting detailed information about their aspirations, as well as in addressing the culprits they face.

The leadership of the National Institute of Fine arts and design, named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod and the deputy dean for women and youth affairs of the Institute, attended this meeting, which was told about this point.

Likewise, organizational issues were also considered at the meeting, including the election of the chairperson of the women’s advisory board of the Institute and the dean’s advisers on women’s affairs at the faculties.

As noted at the meeting, financial and moral encouragement are also provided for employees working in this field, which has become a responsible activity.

According to the selection of the participants of the meeting, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences (PhD), associate professor Guzal Sharipova Sadikhovna was elected as a chairman of the women’s advisory board of the Institute.

Guzal Sharipova thanked for such a responsible task, the confidence expressed and said that the excellent performance of this mission, in particular, to become an assistant to women working and studying at the Institute, to support them in every possible way, together – relied on the leadership of the Institute and women in the organization of educational events and sports competitions, as well.