Today, a roundtable discussion was held with female professors and teachers of the faculty of “Applied arts” of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design, named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod.

First of all, it should be noted that the rector of the institute Abbosjon Mirzorakhimov tasked to create conditions as well as study the problems of professors and students of the institute, their material and moral support, especially the protection of the interests of women in high level, their work and study.

At the beginning of the event, the vice-rector for research and innovation, Dilafruz Kurbanova, spoke about this task and its content. She emphasized that the primary purpose of this meeting was to listen to women’s views, study the issues they face in everyday life and work, and find solutions to these problems together.

In turn, the professors and teachers emphasized that everyone working in this institute should be like sisters, friends, openly tell about any joys, worries and problems in their lives. Together, they can find a solution to any culprit. It was agreed that such communication should be continued to share the experience of older teachers, mainly to rely on the life experiences of more senior teachers.

It was also proposed to organize various trips for women, increase the number of sports competitions and establish a “Psychological Council” to address the culprits of women working here.

The institute’s psychologist also surveyed on issues that plague women today.

As noted at the meeting, today in our country, all the opportunities are created to strengthen women’s role in society further, educate them, and work effectively. In turn, every woman should take advantage of these opportunities and achieve great triumphs through their work. They have enough power and opportunity to do this, as well.