Head of the department: Namozov Bahram Khudoyshukurovich
Position: Head of the department
Reception days: Tuesday to Thursday
Phone: 97 477 15 82


Applied graphics are one of the types of fine arts. It is designed to improve human artistic taste. Applied graphics implements the design of the enterprise as a brand, print design, and artistic design, computer graphics, decoration, and other commercial business. Since 1996, the only department in the Central Asian region has been working on the preparation of graphic designers. In the department, the leading graphic artists of the Republic: M.Ya.Shirovskiy, I. A.Yuovskiy, V.S.Parshin, B.Chechenin, D.N.Afuksinidi, A.A.Titov, S.P.Khunteeva, X.S.Fayziev, P.P.Xaitov were the initiator of the department, created linocut, etching, lithography publishing school. The purpose is to educate the students of the department who could work in various aspects of the graphics.

 In 1979 the department of “Applied graphics and packaging” started working independently. The chair’s stars are: Yu.Gabzaliev, V.M.Valiev, A.Petrov, A.Abdulov, Kim.Galina, K.Matmurodov, E.Kagarov, V.Lebedev, I.Irismetova, D.Sosnovets, A.Mustayev, T.Urunov . After the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the interest in the field of graphic design has been increasing day by day due to socio-political changes, ie transition to a market economy. Nowadays, the Department of Advertising and Applied Graphics of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Design named after Kamoliddin Behzod is celebrating its 40th anniversary with great training and methodology as a center. At the same time, Central Asia and Uzbekistan have a special place in the development and design of graphic designs. For many years, we have been training highly qualified specialists in our country. In addition to studying the basics of the Academy of Arts for the specialty of the graphic designer, it is important to study such knowledge as psychology, economics, technology, artistry. Dizayner’s should have philosophical thinking, based on the generalization of life events, general and symbolic form of graphics work should be able to create the appearance. Today the head of the department is A.U.Rustayev, associate professors; R.U.Ayupov, D.Mursalimov, S.Pirmatov, teachers; K.M.Matmuratov, J.A.Jumaev, G.S.Shukurov, Tolipov Nozim, Giyasov Shukhrat, N.B.Sultonova, as well as professionals in their profession, teach the younger generation their skills and expertise in the two directions of the Department: “Advertising and Applied Graphics” and “Computer Graphics and Art Photography”. Nowadays, the department has the following subjects: “Material Science”, “Perspective”, “Drawing”, “Color Photography”, “Painting”, “Composites”, “Design of computer science photography”, “Photopaper and optics”, “Photo technics and technology”, “Composition of artistic photo “,” Mastery of Artistic Picture”,” Artistic Editor “, “Calligraphy”,” Development “,” Art packaging “,” Graphics Technologies (Lithography) “,” Ofort “, as well as “Work in Text “.

The Bachelor’s Degree directions of the Department of Applied Graphics

5150900 – Advertising and Applied Graphics

5150900 – Computer graphics and artistic photography

Advertising and Applied Graphics – The direction of education is the direction of commercial advertising, and it renders a design-oriented to create artificial environments using communication tools for small visual advertising based on scientific and aesthetic categories. Advertising and Applied Graphic Design is a shop designer, trading center, various exhibition halls, vehicle advertising, city ad booths, prizmatron, banner, brandmauer, logo decorations, logos, emblems, advertising, business cards, label, prospectus, booklet, magazine) and commercial advertisement, advertising agencies is an interrelated activity. Types of professional activity of bachelors:

  • Research;
  • Manufacturing;
  • The organizational and administrative activities.

Objects of professional activity of bachelors are open and closed spatiality, such as urban advertising, small-town appearance, city transport advertisement, product design, seals, brands, sportswear decorations, gifts, blank and label products, diplomas, honorary titles, invitations.

The direction of computer graphics and art photography is a direction in design, it focuses mainly on the development of national and world design and art photography, as well as other design types, tools for studying and researching the status of photography in today’s society, a range of ways to solve complex issues related to photography and computer graphics.

The professional activity of the undergraduate includes:

– Creation of business images on the basis of artistic photography;

– Creation of the technique of commercial and production enterprises on the basis of photography;

– Photocomposition of printed products;

– Web site design, ornaments design.

Areas of Bachelors’ professional activity:

– Photographic equipment for television and film studio pavilions;

– application of technical equipment and equipment for photography, decoration equipment and studios;

– Creation of lighting technologies, information and software programs.

Types of professional activity of bachelor:

  • scientifically artistic activities;
  • Production;
  • Organizational and administrative activity;
  • Usage and maintenance service, and so on

The professional activity of the undergraduate includes:

Computer graphics and art photography

  • Modern achievements of television and movie studio pavilions:
  • Fotopavilion, photography, decoration equipment and studio technicshardware and software
  • Composition Basics – Monogramming, Styling
  • Business card design, Labels and packages
  • Magazine and newspaper design

Advertising and Applied Graphics

  • City Advertising
  • Transport and transit advertising
  • The decoration of industrial products
  • Logotype, emblem, print advertising, business cards, booklet, graphic design